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Hi guys,

I know I haven't really been active on this site for a while and I'm sorry for disappointing those who have messaged me asking me to upload more work so I figured I'll give you an update on what's happening.

As most of you know I moved to Australia for a while, about 7 months ago and I'm loving it! There's beaches everywhere, particularly one beautiful one of which is only literally 2 minutes away! Oh and summer is on its way so lots of boogie boarding is in order.

Anyway, I've moved away from taking still life shots and decided to really pursue my passion of photography as a career. I've started up my own photography business and these days I'm busy doing family photo sessions at the beach, maternity, newborn shots, etc. So when I'm not taking photos on location I'm busy editing over 50-100 images for clients and burning to disc, so I'm finding it a bit hard to keep up with anything else. Now that literally everything is on me, it's a LOT of responsibility, but I still make mistakes and I'm still learning. That also means I currently do not have time to make any new actions or presets, but keep a look out because I may just surprise you with a new pack sometime.

If it was requested enough I will upload some of my work from family sessions here.

I hope all of my friends that I've lost touch with on here are doing well and are happy.

If you're interested in keeping up to date with my photography, you can see it all here:…

And lastly, I wanted to thank the lovely Heidi for giving me premium membership: :hug: (if only i remembered how to do hyperlinks on da!!)

Best wishes everyone,
Tori x
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I'm now doing photo shoots in the Newcastle, NSW, Australian Area.

Check here for what sessions I do and the prices:

Look forward to hearing from you x
Remember Bear?

I'll refresh your memory:
My Handsome Little Boy.. by Lady-Tori

He's been in South Africa Quarantine for 6 months and tomorrow he's due to finally arrive in Australia! He has to be there 1 week before we can see him, but as soon as that week is up we'll be going to visit him. Then it's only 3 more weeks until he can come home for good and be treated like a king for everything he's gone through.

I'm so excited to see him, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how he's doing after his health fright when he was a puppy.. :hug:

Hope you're all doing well.

He's actually leaving for OZ today. Should arrive tomorrow then we're off to see him. SO EXCITED!

Thank you all for your kind messages!
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Good luck! :hug:
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Secondly, just wanted to thank you all so much for my birthday wishes! They mean a lot to me. :heart:

I'm going to Australia in early April. Guess who's excited!!! :D
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If you have an account link me up! :hug:
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It captures memories. ALL OF THEM! Just update your status on what you're about to do, what you're currently doing, anything you want to remember.. something that is special to you etc and add lots of pictures  associating with the occasion and it all comes up in a clean timeline. It'll be amazing to look back on everything we've done and want to remember!

I really recommend you guys get it, and let me know if you have it so I can add you!

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Hope you're all well. :hug:
After reading all the comments on my recent poll, I have to be truthful when I say I'm astonished at how many people only use Photoshop because it's 'easier', or they know how to use it.

GUYS! If you think Photoshop is easy, you should really check out Lightroom. All the processing tools are on the right hand side with a simple slider. What could be easier than having everything in one place? It's simple but very effective.  

Lightroom 4 BETA is now out and I highly recommend you download it (it's free) just to see what it's like. Import your photos then click the 'Develop' tab and you're set to go!

I cannot recommend this processing tool enough! It's where I process 98% of my work.

Give it a go guys, tell me what you think!

Lightroom 4 BETA
Canon Rumours say it's going to be here next March or April! Check it out:…


I'm SO excited! :heart:
Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope you've all been good so Santa will visit with all your dream presents! :hug:
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And the results are in! It's taken me about 20 minutes to cut it down to just 2; they're all such beautiful entries but I've managed to narrow it down to the following!


1st: Violette by Characol
by Characol

Prize: 2 Lightroom OR Photoshop Actions of your choice+ Photography eBook

2nd: calm day. ... by light-from-Emirates

Prize: 1 Lightroom or Photoshop Action of your choice

Congratulations! :heart:

Light from Emirates & Characol, please provide me with your email addies and let me know what you want me to send you according to your prize options.

Thanks again everyone! Second competition coming soon! :hug:
Hi guys! :heart:

Brand new competition for you. I'm thinking of making this a regular thing.

What's up for grabs?!
First prize: Wins 2 Lightroom Presets OR Photoshop Actions of your choice + my Photography Made Simple: Tips & Techniques eBook.
Runner up: Wins 1 Photoshop Action or Lightroom Preset of your choice.

How do I enter?
Comment & give me the link to one of your photos with my Lightroom Preset or Photoshop Action applied and tell me what action or preset you've used. It's that simple. The 2 photos I like the best wins!

Winners will be announced in 5 days (5th December)

Any questions?
Post them in the comments!

Good luck guys! :hug:
Hope you're all doing well guys. :heart:

Just wanted to say to follow me Flickr if you have an account because a lot of the time I post things on there that I don't bother to upload here. So this way you don't have to miss anything. :)


Who has a Flickr account? I need more people to follow!

And lastly a big thank you to all those who have given me wonderful compliments. :hug:
Follow me: theladytori

Did I mention I now have an iPhone4 and I'm addicted to instagram? Expect lots of random, pretty pictures from me.

What's your accounts? I wanna check them out.

Much love to you all. :heart: